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David McCready


Around 7 years ago I left a secure job as a sales director for an events company to start up on my own, a lot has happened in that relatively short time;  Consulting for various starts-ups, a few failed ventures of my own, got married, had a little girl …

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, lots of gaps where I wasn’t earning anything – One medium success behind me that has meant a couple of small investments to now launching this.

I am a proud Scot, living in London with my wife and young daughter. I love my cars, still working on proper ownership of the dream garage – a long way away!  Life is too short not to enjoy great food and wine followed by a good single malt in my opinion – I tend to use a lot of restaurant analogies in my posts as that is where my bank statements say I spend a fair bit of time in!

I like to shout about great experiences I have had both personal and business-related. I share what I can based on what I have learnt consulting for and running businesses so that I can add value.

I like to have an opinion – not everyone will always agree with it but at least I have one and I am willing to share it, please be nice, I will always be.

Trevor Crighton


Trevor splits his time between two fields – working as a specialist Publicist & Media Relations Consultant in film, television, entertainment, sport, travel and FMCG and as a writer and photographer in the travel, lifestyle and social media space.

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His writing and photography have appeared in most of South Africa’s national newspapers and a host of magazines & online spaces in the last two decades, covering topics from the Green Economy to local & international travel experiences and CEO profiles to motoring features.

He has also served as a photographer on a host of reality TV shows for Pay-TV broadcaster M-Net over the past 15 years, from Survivor South Africa to The Bachelor South Africa and everything in-between.

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