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As you’d expect from an estate owned by one of the country’s richest people, FirstRand Bank co-founder GT Ferreira, Tokara is a place where wine, food, art converge to produce a memorable visit.

Not just any wine, food and art, mind you – the Tokara Restaurant is led by one of the country’s most renowned chefs, the estate’s main building houses more premium art than most galleries and the catalogue of wines produced by winemaker Stuart Botha is impressive in both its ambition and delivery. This is an estate that thrives on showcasing and producing the finer things in life.

Production at Tokara has always centred on Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, in three ranges: Premium Collection (blends from various sites); Reserve Collection (single vineyard offerings) and Directors Reserve (using only the best parcels to create iconic blends). As a result, tastings are split between Flasgship (R100) and Reserve (R75) experiences, with the former offering two whites and two reds for tasting, and the latter offering red-only, white-only and mixed tastings of four, three and three wines. For something different, there’s also the chance to taste the excellent 10 Year Potstill Brandy or Reserve Noble Late Harvest (R25 each), as well as their wonderful Extra Virgin Olive Oil (R50).

Being such a multifaceted destination, the tasting room does draw large crowds, but there’s ample space at the tasting bar, raised tables or the comfortable couches in front of the fireplace, with a few tables next to the massive glass window. Down one wall is a framed record of awards won by the estate’s wines, brandy and olive oils – and it does take up an ENTIRE wall. The staff are well-versed in catering for the influx though, and the tastings never feel hurried, even at peak times. The venue also overlooks the winery’s steel tanks, offering a wonderful complement to the art which populates every corner – indeed, even the bathroom walls.

Tasting & Sales Monday-Sunday 10:00-18:00 closing only on 25 December and 1 January.

T7B Tip

Try the olive oil tasting – it’s revelatory to gain an understanding of the fact that quality olive oils can be as complex and layered as wines.


Visit the official website at


Helshoogte Pass Road,


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