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It’s pretty tricky to just stumble across PlayDate Superpark, despite its location in the heart of Africa’s most-visited tourist attraction, the V&A Waterfront – which is amazing, considering its scale. Great for rainy days – or just burning off excess energy – PlayDate is a triple-storey 3D maze that’s as fun as it is challenging, for kids of almost all ages. Basically, it’s a traditional outdoor park, on steroids.

The maze lines all four walls of the space, and criss-crosses overhead, so it’s easy to keep an eye on the kids as they race along ziplines, cross challenging balance beam courses, climb, clamber, slide and soar. The maze itself is also accessible for adults, in the event that one of the smalls decides that something is a little too tough, so it’s easy enough to pop in and retrieve them, even though there are plenty of staff positioned throughout to help them with the more challenging bits.

On the ground level is the ubiquitous coffee and snack shop, with ample seating, as well as a softer play area for those not yet mobile or tall enough to go charging around the course. You may even lose Mom or Dad to the F1 simulator near the door, if you don’t keep close enough tabs on them… There’s also Air Hockey, Mini Golf, Target Throwing and a ‘Pitch and Play’ mini golf section for a bit more dynamic, head-to-head challenges.

Online booking is well advised, particularly during holiday periods, with options for supervised or unsupervised (by the staff) visits, 1- or 2-hour stays or all-day passes, starting at R85 per child. Adults enter for free, to wrangle their small humans. Online booking includes the electronic signing of a waiver in the event of injuries, which could always happen in such an adventure-filled space, but the staff are generally always pretty close by to help avert anything too calamitous.

T7B Tip

Park across the road from The Watershed (next to the Two Oceans Aquarium) in the V&A Waterfront’s Breakwater Parking Garage to access the venue most easily.


1- or 2-hour stays or all-day passes, starting at R85 per child. Adults enter for free, to wrangle their small humans.


Visit the official website at


The Watershed, 17 Dock Road,
V&A Waterfront


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