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Another one that’s as much fun for tall humans, as small, Clay Café is a great spot to spend a solid half-day getting some arts & crafts in – especially if the weather outside isn’t great.

While they do sell an interesting array of completed, fired ceramic pieces at the shop in the front of the building, the real appeal of Clay Café lies in selecting ‘bisque’ (unfired) clay figurines, plates and various ornaments from the jam-packed stock room, choosing your paints and brushes and settling in for a couple of hours of creative fun. If you find yourself short of inspiration, there’s an ‘Inspiration Wall’ that hopefully does what it says, rather than making you feel massively talentless and inadequate.

The on-site restaurant has an extensive menu that caters for everything from snacks to substantial meals, and they have the ability to keep great coffee and healthy juices flowing too, as you and the brood immerse yourselves in the experience.

Once everyone’s put their finishing touches to their masterpieces, names are inscribed on the bottom with a sharp object and placed in the ‘firing tray’ in the front of the store. The team will also allocate a reference number to help track the progress of your item. The collections room is out the back of the restaurant & painting area, and worth a visit just to see the stupefying array of items awaiting collection.

Orders take about three weeks to be completed – they’re fired in huge batches once you’ve painted them, so it’d be ideal to visit Clay Café at the start of your stay, so you can be sure your finished item will be ready for collection before you head back home.

T7B Tip

If the kids need a break, mid-paint, there’s a playground outside with giant trampolines, swings and bit of manicured grass for them to charge around on.


There’s a R40 ‘Studio Fee’ for each participating painter, and the raw models are priced in tiers from R20 to R300, depending on their size and complexity.


Visit the official website at


177 Main Road,
Hout Bay


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