Why South Africa?

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Stretching all the way from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, the longest #wineroute in the world, the #Route62, takes one right through the heart of the #BreedeRiverValley, also known as the ‘valley of vines and roses’.

The “Vale of Breede River” stretches from Tulbagh in the north to McGregor in the south (and is flanked by the rugged Cape Fold Belt, Hex River Mountains, Skurweberge, Langeberg Mountains, the smaller Boland Mountains, and the Riviersonderend Mountains.)

Known as the largest producer of wine and fruit in the country, the valley hosts lush green vistas, crystal streams, indigenous flora, orchards, stark cliff faces, and several annual #winefestivals.

Located in the heart of the valley alongside the Breede River, is Robertson (proud producer of internationally acclaimed wines), and pictured here - simply breathtaking!

#WesternCape #thesevenbest #SouthAfrica

Just LOOK at this #TableMountainView!

#DidYouKnow that #TableMountain actually faces north? And when clouds head in, on a clear day the cloud cover often settles in such a way that it drapes over the mountain just as a tablecloth would.

Another interesting fact is that a small constellation, lying close to the south celestial pole is named after Table Mountain. In 1754, French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, originally named the constellation Mons Mensae, now referred to as Mensa, which means “table” in Latin. The constellation appears highest in the evening sky in the months around December.

Note #GreenPointStadium in the pic at the foot of Signal Hill? The trendy suburb of Green Point started out as a cattle grazing station by the Dutch, which was then transformed into one of the popular social centres of Cape Town society through horse racing, by the British.

While you can’t see it here, Green Point Lighthouse, nicknamed Moaning Minnie by the local residents, is a national monument and has been operational since 1824.

#thesevenbest #CapeTown #SouthAfrica

📸 @kris.goes.traveling

Living in Hazyview, a sub-tropical farming town in #Mpumalanga, for a few years while growing up was quite the #wildlife experience.

The best and most surreal memory is of the hippo that would wander up in the evenings from the small dam at the bottom of our road. It would make its way up our driveway and round to the back of the house, where we’d often be in the midst of hanging up the laundry!

Sometimes, when it was a bit more used to us, it would also bring its baby along.

As much as we lived in coexistence then, we always kept a cautious distance from them and were mindful of the two fundamental rules when it comes to a #hippopotamus:
Never get between a hippo and it’s water
Never get between a hippo and its baby

We’d love to hear of your extraordinary #experiences from visiting Mpumalanga if you have any. Leave us comments 🙂

#southafrica #thesevenbest #sharesouthafrica

For those who enjoy hiking in the mountains and want more of a challenge, look no further than the #Drakensberg Grand Traverse.

The average duration of the trail is 12 to 15 days, and is considered to potentially be the toughest #hike in southern africa. Hiking at approximately 3000m above sea level throughout, whilst crisscrossing over the borders of Lesotho and #SouthAfrica, the total elevations exceed that of Everest!

The highest peak is Thabana Ntlenyana, meaning “beautiful little mountain” in Sesotho - the irony!

This pic is from one such hike - there’s nothing quite like drinking crystal clear mountain stream water after a hard day of traversing the berg…

#thesevenbest #adventurejunkie #sharesouthafrica #kwazulunatal

Nestling up against the slopes of Signal Hill, is the quirky old gem of a district dating back to Cape Dutch times. Housing some of the #MotherCity’s oldest buildings, you don’t get more quirky than Bo-Kaap.

Still colloquially referred to as the #MalayQuarter, #BoKaap (meaning “above the Cape”) originally served as the leased-housing (or “huurhuisjes”) township for slaves, in the 1700’s. The first slaves came from the Dutch colonies in South East Asia, hence the strong muslim influence. Many of today’s residents are descendants of the slaves.

Why are the buildings so colourful? They weren’t always this way. Up till the 1990s they were just plain white in colour. The story goes that with the end of apartheid, the residents painted their houses in bright colours as an expression of their freedom.

#thesevenbest #CapeTown #WesternCape #SouthAfrica

Travel and media company @Big7Travel has recently released the 2022 "Top 50 Most #Instagram-mable Places" in the world. This year’s list features 50 locations in the world, from almost every continent.

Guess who came out tops at no 22? None other than our very own #MotherCity!

Congratulations #CapeTown, we couldn’t be prouder!

#sharesouthafrica #thesevenbest #westerncape #southafrica

The City of Gold, #Johannesburg illuminated by #lightning... One of the current raging summer weather trends in the #highveld as #SouthAfrica makes its way through a #LaNiña.

#Gauteng #thesevenbest

One of the most EXQUISITE places to view extraordinary open clear blue skies, striking storms, dreamy sunsets, and open starry-studded velvet night skies alike, is in the stark #Karoo.

#thesevenbest #southafrica #karoonationalpark #kleinkaroo #semidesert #arid

#DidYouKnow that the African Penguins were once called Jackass Penguins for their hilarious braying call?

One of our favourite beaches to visit in Simons Town is #BouldersBeach.

Why? Because you get to swim WITH the penguins of course! We have some rather fond childhood memories of doing just this!

One of only a few in the world, the African Penguin colony at Boulders Beach is a unique and endangered land-based species of African Penguin. In 1956, there were approximately 150,000 breeding pairs counted. In 2009 there were only 26 000 breeding pairs left in the world. That’s a loss of more than 80% of breeding pairs in just over 50 years.

Thankfully, Boulders Beach has been zoned as a Marine Protected Area.

#thesevenbest #bouldersbeachpenguins #penguins #ocean #southafrica

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